Amalia Pica performs in her Lit & Luz 2017 collaboration with Jac Jemc. Photo by Sarah Hess

Amalia Pica performs in her Lit & Luz 2017 collaboration with Jac Jemc. Photo by Sarah Hess



The Lit & Luz Festival...

began in 2012, unofficially, with events following the release of MAKE Magazine  issue 13, “Intercambio/Exchange,” a bilingual issue featuring new work from Latin American writers which was created in response to the dismal amount of translated literature available in the US. In 2014 the Lit & Luz Festival was formed to support the creation of new art through international collaboration and make space for essential dialogues between residents of Mexico and the United States. It has since produced yearly events in Mexico City and Chicago, with writers and artists from Chicago, Mexico, and beyond.

MAKE Literary Production’s 6th annual Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and Art, themed “Migration” looks at the physical act of moving, while also considering social and cultural movements within a place, time, or community. The week-long festival takes place at over a dozen arts venues and universities throughout Chicago, October 12th–19th. The following February, a similar series of events are held in Mexico City. Programs include readings, conversations, and our main event, the “Live Magazine Show”—which returns to the Museum of Contemporary Art on October 19th.

At its heart, Lit & Luz is a cultural exchange between writers and visual artists from Mexico and United States. With the festival taking place first in Chicago, then Mexico City, it is a conversation between two countries. We choose to focus on collaborations in order to foster meaningful and lasting professional relationships and cross-cultural friendships. Past participants include luminaries such as Cristina Rivera Garza, Valeria Luiselli, José Olivarez, Jac Jemc, and Erika L. Sánchez.

Art and language are key to understanding culture and community. With events such as Lit & Luz, we hope to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, and in particular, to increase the distribution of literature and art between Mexico and the US.


2019–20 CHICAGo/CDMX staff

Lit & Luz is produced by MAKE Literary Productions, NFP

Creative Director and Website Design: MAKE & Co.

Managing Director: Sarah Dodson

Assistant Managing Director: Kenneth Guay

Literary Arts & Community Coordinator: Miguel Jiménez

Chicago Artistic Associates: Jessica Anne, Libia Bianibi, Daniel Borzutzky, Joel Craig, Rachel Galvin, Héctor García Chávez, and Kathleen Rooney

Mexico City Artistic Associates: Esteban King and Brenda Lozano

Live Show Managing Director: Libia Bianibi

Translator: Valeria García Origel

Advisory Council: Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Susy Bielak, Gerardo Cárdenas, Carla Faesler, Luis Felipe Fabre, Jaime Garza, Adolfo Hernandez, Kirsten Leenaars, Stephanie Manriquez, Fabiola Ramirez, Nuria Sheehan, Gibran Villalobos

Hospitality and Experiences Coordinator: Kamilah Foreman

Video and Photography: Justin Harancher and Lisa Korpan

Production Assistant: Isaías Rogel

Intern: Kelci Dean


Mexico City Partnerships and Marketing Director: David Ruano

Photography/Videography: Harrison Martin

Live Show Management: Francesca Coppola



Thank you for the support, time, energy, and ideas

MAKE Magazine Staff: Chamandeep Bains, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Mark Molloy, and Kolin Jordan

MAKE Literary Productions Board: Bob Adams, Natalie Edwards, Laurie Sartain, Leonard Sommer, Mike Zapata

Melanie Barrows, Dana Bassett, Kyle Beachy, Kate Bowen, Cesar Braga-Pinto, Sharmyn Cruz Rivera, Sullivan Davis, Mike Drew, Amanda Goldblatt, Claire Henry, Teresa Hernando Rojo, Ryan Jackson, Christy LeMaster, Jarrett Mitchell, Mark Molloy, January Parkos Arnell, Michael Rubel, Willy Smart, Marcopolo Soto, Nell Taylor, Christian TeBordo, Jamie Trecker, Pepe Vargas, Salvador Vergara, Gibran Villalobos, Stephen Young, and everyone we’re inevitably forgetting,