MAKE Literary Productions's End-of-Year Wrap-up!

Thinking about what to give these holidays?

Thinking about what to give these holidays?

Give MAKE, Give to MAKE, Get MAKE


First off, nice to see you here! We know it’s a busy time of year, and we really appreciate that you’re considering a tax-deductible donation to MAKE Literary Productions—and/or a pre-order of our magazine MAKE #17, “Belonging!” (Did you know that the Lit & Luz Festival is a MAKE Literary Productions's program—born from the pages of MAKE?  If not, poke around a bit. It's nice here. Plus, better buttons.)

This past year, MAKE Literary Productions's generous funders, individual donors, sponsors, and volunteers helped us to publish and promote contemporary literature and visual art and to create dynamic programming, including the 4th annual Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and Art. We invite you to join them and be a part of bringing new writing and live events to greater audiences than ever before.

We have big goals for 2018 and in order to achieve them, we need your support. In exchange, we’ll do what we set out to do—and most likely, more. We’ll also shower you with our gratitude through great literature, one-of-a-kind works of art, performance, and even standing desks (huh?). 

Give and get it.

Through December 31st, MAKE #17 "Belonging" is available for pre-sale for only $17, postage included (cover price $20/shipping). MAKE #17 celebrates a new decade of the magazine with a unique design and larger, 9x13 format, and, per usual, more extraordinary content than ever before. Pre-orders will also receive a complimentary admission to the release party in Chicago (details TK).

MAKE Literary Productions is a 501c3 nonprofit and your donation is      tax-deductible.

Donate and receive one or all of the fantastic thank you gifts below! 

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Donation Packages


Pre-order MAKE #17 


for only $17 (reg $20 w/shipping)

Our 17th issue, BELONGING, will feature a brand-spanking-new design and larger format along with these amazing contributors, 

David Kholamian, Rachel Slotnick, Ben Merriman, Andrea Rehani, Audie Shushan, Kellie Carle, Roberto Harrison, Jennifer Nelson, Tyrone Williams, Steven Alvarez, Kenyatta Rogers, Ashley Miranda, Ada Limón, Claudia Ulloa Donoso, Legna Rodríguez Iglesias, Paulia Flores, Margarita García Robayo, Jaime Luis Huenún, Álvaro Mutis, Irma Pineda, Verónica Zondek, Edgar Garcia, Paolo Javier & Alexander Tarampi, Kelly Caldwell, Adam Karr, Amelia Klein, John Murillo III, Killian Quigley, Edgar Cobián, Kirsten Leenaars, and MORE....  

Take a peek here!


Delivery, January 2018




Riso + Mag #17 + Classic Mag

This sweet combo includes a MAKE #17 pre-order, and a Risograph print created by designer Josh Hauth (suitable for framing), plus, a classic copy of MAKE.



$50 MAKE Membership

Pre-order #17 + MAKE X + Riso + Classic issue + Admission to events + No fewer than one surprise in the mail!




$100 MAKE Primo Membership

MAKE 17 Pre-order + MAKE X + Riso + VIP access to all MAKE events including the Lit & Luz Live Show. No fewer than three surprises throughout the year, too!




$150 donation and MAKE kaboodle

Membership + entire MAKE catalog (minus #11) + a mystery merch from MAKE's past...




$250 contribution and a custom-made standing desk

Sick of sitting at your desk all day? Contribute $250 and resident craftsman Mike Drew will create a "topper desk" to sit atop of your current (see picture). Sized for a laptop or keyboard. Collapsible and transportable. Built to your measurements, you'll write standing tall soon enough!

We'll also include a MAKE Membership + entire catalog!




$500 contribution and Typographies of Hope by Kirsten Leenaars

Typographies of Hope, December 12, 2017

Work in progress (January 20, 2017 – January 19, 2018)

Media: screen print and pronto plate, print on Rives BFK paper

A daily search for the word "hope" in the NYTimes, since the first day of the Trump presidency.

Series of three

Printed at Spudnik Press.


This donation includes a MAKE Membership.



$1000 donation and editorial services



Do you (or a friend) have a novel, essay collection, or poetry manuscript that could use professional attention? Donate at this level and receive one-on-one feedback from a MAKE editor. This year's participants include Kathleen Rooney, Jessica Anne, and Joel Craig.


Typographies of Hope by Kirsten Leenaars and ten books, each signed by a collection of MAKE + Lit & Luz contributors and editors.

Includes MAKE membership, MAKE catalog, AND a custom-made standing desk.


Lit Luz Fest lo-res-78.jpg

A $3000 or more donation 

You or a business of your choice named as a presenting sponsor at Lit & Luz 2018. Be our guest in Mexico City in 2018 or 2019 and Chicago and participate in behind-the-scenes activities!