Amalia Pica performs in her Lit & Luz 2017 collaboration with Jac Jemc. Photo by Sarah Hess

Amalia Pica performs in her Lit & Luz 2017 collaboration with Jac Jemc. Photo by Sarah Hess


The Lit & Luz Festival...

Began in 2012 (unofficially) with the release of the fully translated—Spanish/English—MAKE #13 "Intercambio/Exchange." In 2014 the Lit & Luz Festival was launched from its pages and has produced yearly events with writers and artists from Chicago and Mexico City in both cities ever since.


Lit & Luz is produced by MAKE Literary Productions, NFP

Co-directors: Sarah Dodson and Brenda Lozano

Creative Director and Website Design: MAKE & Co.

Managing Director: Sarah Dodson

Assistant Managing Director: Kenneth Guay

Managing Artistic Director: Jessica Anne

Co-Artistic Directors: Daniel Borzutzky, Joel Craig, and Kathleen Rooney

Audio/Visual Production: Charly Garcia

Social Media Coordinator: Jennifer De Poorter

Advisory Council: Gerardo Cárdenas, Lead Advisor

Susy Bielak, Jaime Garza, Adolfo Hernandez, Sarah Kramer, Kirsten Leenaars, Jennifer Patiño Cervantes, Fabiola Ramirez, M. Ireri Rivas, Nuria Sheehan

Logistics: Kamilah Foreman, Miguel Jimenez, Jose-Luis Moctezuma

Videography: Justin Haranchar


2018 CDMX Additional STAFF

Media/Promotion: Llüisa Matarrodona

Photography/Videography: Harrison Martin

Logistics: Kit Schluter, Francesca Coppola, Esteban King

Social Media Coordinators: Jennifer De Poorter, Yadi Arias



Thank you for the support, time, energy, and ideas

MAKE Mag Staff: Chamandeep Bains, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Mark Molloy, and Kolin Jordan

MAKE Board: Bob Adams, Natalie Edwards, Patrick McGee, Leonard Sommer, Mike Zapata

Lou Bank, Dana Bassett, Franco Bavoni Escobedo, Paul Biasco, Mike Drew, Tom Flynn, Rachel Galvin, Mario E. Gastelum, Claire Henry, Jesse Hora, Alex Houston, Devin King,  Theo Kourlas, Hannah Larson, Abby Lynne, Colin McDonald, Gabriel Mendoza López, Caroline Picard, Dan Salls, Tselanie Townsend, Jamie Trecker, and everyone we’re inevitably forgetting, but couldn’t have done this without.